Workspace one uem 1908 release notes

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Workspace one uem 1908 release notes

Hands-on Labs are the fastest and easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware products. These evaluations are free, up and running on your browser in minutes, and require no installation.

Explore the components and capabilities within vSAN 7 and learn how to configure and manage upgrades, enhance availability, monitor and optimize workload performance. Email Address or Customer Number:. Forgot your password? Are you a VMware Partner? Yes No. Make sure you allow pop-up windows in order to access the lab. What's New in vSAN - Getting Started Explore the components and capabilities within vSAN 7 and learn how to configure and manage upgrades, enhance availability, monitor and optimize workload performance.

Hello, we are currently making enhancements to this lab to ensure you have a fantastic experience. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please come back soon. I Have an Account Create an Account. Email Address or Customer Number.

First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Select Your Language.My other post outlined a way to sort-of make it work with what was available at the time, but now that is no longer needed. If you are on-prem you can enable the Feature Flag yourself or contact support.

You can see them on the Deployment Options tab of the app:. But for Install Deferral meaning before the script or app completes the installwe need to configure the deferral code in a different place.

VMware Workspace ONE: macOS Software Management - Lab Walk-through

You can write your own script and configure it to send a deferral code and it will accomplish the same thing. DeferalCurrentCount — This is how many times the app has been deferred. The amount in hours should be what the decimal value is.

VMware Workspace ONE UEM: Deploy BYOD

So for my app I set it to 24 hours and I can see the key is correctly set to This is stored as an Int64 decimal value and must be converted. So you can use a little powershell magic to convert thanks to this blog for the easy steps.

Make sure to replace the GUID at the end of the reg path with your own. Then this will continue until no deferrals are left remember, this is managed by PSADT in its own reg keys it will force the install.

Powershell App Deployment Toolkit has a bunch of other useful features including verifying a logged in user, setting a deadline, custom branding and so much more. You can view it on the App inventory tab on the device. You can see them on the Deployment Options tab of the app: But for Install Deferral meaning before the script or app completes the installwe need to configure the deferral code in a different place.

Setting to 64bit will be 64bit only. This will enable the popup to timeout and trigger a deferral instead of a failure. For App Delivery Method select per your preference as both are supported. Select the Install Deferral Interval Time. We want to support both codes.

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You can edit these codes as well in the AppDeployToolkitConfig. Display in App Catalog is optional as well. Now we need to deploy to the device. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment.

Enter your name or username. Enter your email. Enter your website URL optional.For more information, go to: Work profile on company owned device. For more information, go to: App separation. For information on App separation controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the App separation policies section. For information on setting the Picture-in-Picture control for video permissions when using other apps, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Deep settings for Lockscreen policies section.

For information on Device key mapping controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Device key mapping policies section. For information on setting the quick panel configuration, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Quick panel configuration section. The admin can define the button press intent and override default as applicable.

For information on hiding WiFi settings, language and country usage, connected power consumption, and mobile data management go to: Advanced policies and navigate to Device setting policies. For information on setting the device USB connection type, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Advanced restriction policies section.

Also enables admins to either enable or disable multiple user access to the device and its potentially sensitive data. For information on enabling clipboard data access and multiple user device restrictions, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Device restriction policies section. For information on password controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Password policies section. For information on setting accessibility controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Lockscreen policies section.

Specifically, this feature assists admins by automatically validating whether an application is installed before applying related policies. For information on managing Bluetooth within the device container, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Restrictions in work profile policy section.

Specifically, backup and reset, airplane mode, language, lockscreen, Bluetooth, and developer settings can be individually hidden as device deployment considerations warrant. For information on managing and hiding settings on a device, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Device settings policy section.

This setting also removes all packages from the force stop blacklist and whitelist.

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For information on preventing a device user from stopping a specified application, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Application management policy section. The device camera remains functional when video recording is disabled.

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For information on restricting device video recording capabilities, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Restrictions in work profile policy section. Thus permits the admin to set specific settings as appropriate for an intended deployment, then hiding the setting to avoid the user changing it.

For information on hiding Settings menu items from the device user, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Lockscreen customization policies section. This KSP versioning enhancement helps admins validate the date the current KSP version was published to the Play Store and ensure they are supporting the latest available feature set.

The installed package is not be part of the system image. For information on setting application management controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Application management policies section. For information on device restriction controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Device restriction section. Once disabled, a device user cannot send information contacts, emails, etc. Third party applications cannot enable the device camera once disabled using this function.

When enabled, all peripherals except those with specified UUIDs are allowed or blocked from operating with a device. This in turn helps a device user invoke an application's functionality faster. For information on certificate controls, go to: Advanced policies and navigate to the Certificate management policies section. If the application receiving the key mapping configuration is already launched and in the background, pressing a hardware key a second time does not bring it to the foreground and kills the application.

Not applicable to single SIM devices. Feature forms part of STIG compliance requirements for a fully managed device with a work profile. Troubleshoot issues with DeX customization features not working. All Files. Add to UEM console 2.He has over 12 years of experience in the IT Industry, with roles spanning Enterprise Mobility solutions, Microsoft technologies, storage, and network infrastructure.

He is based out of Melbourne, Australia and was one of the rare few to own multiple Windows Phones We've made the transition as seamless as possible. Let's walk through some options and considerations. Transitioning will be a straightforward process if your users are accustomed to the Intelligent Hub experience on other platforms like macOS, iOS, and Android. Expand the drop-down menus to view details for Option 1 and Option 2. Ensure the following prerequisites are met:. Important :. The following screenshot shows my personal Windows 10 Intelligent Hub that I use daily.

Notice the corporate branding and that I can access all my applications in one place. Community Rating:. Your Rating: Rating:. Solution Workspace ONE. Phase Deploy Manage. Darren Weatherly Read More from the Author.

What are my options for the transition? Option 1: If you require ONLY the Windows 10 native application catalog experience Users can access and install native Windows 10 applications that your organization displays in the catalog. You can keep everything as is and continue using the Workspace ONE application.

Doing so will allow you some time to plan and prepare for these changes.

Unified Endpoint Management

I need to plan for this transition, how can you help me? Ensure that you have completed the steps in Option 1. Pro Tips!Shwetha Madhan, VMware January 15, To create these release notes, I pull together new feature blurbs crafted by other writers and consolidate all of them into a new document. When I took over this task a few releases ago, I observed a common pattern.

I wondered — why? Why is the text treating me like a robot? Do real people talk like this? Stand-up verbiage only results in opaque, impenetrable content. I get paid for the text I write. But I often wonder if customers read and like what I write. Creating content that resonates with our readers is an often-overlooked part of our job.

Besides, release notes are one of the user touchpoints that most of us ignore or pay less attention to. Mostly release notes are treated as an afterthought or even a chore that most of us put off until the last minute.

But in a SaaS-paced world, release notes represent a key point of engagement with customers. It is one of the pivotal pieces of documentation that tells our current users why the new release is important to them and at the same showcase our product to the potential users.

While it might sound straightforward, writing release notes is an important task that requires more skill, care, time, and attention than it is given. As a release notes wrangler, my first stop in researching the art of writing great product release notes was, of course, Google.

I found encouraging rumblings in the industry about making release notes more engaging, and information about the great benefits to doing so. Several other companies are starting to value and understand the importance of release notes and use them as an opportunity to communicate with the customer base. Slack, for example, thinks release notes are an excellent opportunity to create engaging content that deepens the relationship with their customers and make them easy to understand.

As I started to take up this task more seriously, I recognized a strong need to make our release notes more useful than the default. The content was boring and too technical, and it deserved an upgrade. As a data-driven writer, I asked myself a key question: Do people even read our release notes?

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VMware What's New in vSAN - Getting Started Hands-on Lab

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